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The damage caused by a power outage is obvious: if commercial power fails and your business does not have a reliable backup power supply along with a contracted supplier to deliver additional emergency fuel, your business will eventually close resulting in downtime, lost revenue, lost inventory and frustrated customers.

During extended power disruption many companies rely on backup generators to keep their businesses running. Most backup generators hold a supply of propane or diesel fuel to allow operation for up to 24 hours. Businesses may find themselves in a secondary crisis if they do not have a reliable source for continual emergency fueling supply to support their business until commercial power is restored.

Disruption of commercial power may be caused by accidents, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice and snow storms or other weather extremes. During these times it is our job to maintain a back up power source to keep your business operating- allowing you to focus your attention where it is needed most.

Valrico can provide:

  • Emergency fueling for stationary and portable generators

  • Bulk fuel and temporary fueling locations for fleet operations and employee vehicles including gasoline and diesel (with security where necessary)

  • Staging yards for equipment and generators

  • Inbound and outbound logistics of equipment necessary to support recovery efforts

  • On site command centers and driver routing operations

  • Generator rentals, generator repair and preventative maintenance

  • Electricians to hard wire generators.


Additional services provided during catastrophe operations include use of air boats, traditional boats, ATVs, and helicopters to fulfill our client’s needs.  Our services are provided based on specific client needs and the scope of the catastrophe.

Our crews are trained specifically for delivering emergency fuel to generators during extended commercial power outages. We are experienced in locating sites, accessing backup generators, inspecting the sites for damage, and ensuring your backup generators are fueled and running. We train our drivers to report customized findings to our customers based on their specific needs.

Valrico delivers solutions, resources and experience to give you peace of mind.
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