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Valrico can provide a fuel solution for any situation that may arise during a disaster.

If a major disaster leaves you without utility power for an extended period of time, what impact will it have on your business?

Almost 1/3 of U.S. businesses do not have continuity plans in the event of a natural disaster. 

Cellular companies are required to maintain network reliability regardless of impact from disasters. Valrico has supported the fueling of their network infrastructure to ensure federal, state, and local governments are able to maintain critical communications.


The damage caused by a power outage is obvious: if commercial power fails and you don’t have a reliable backup power supply along with a contracted supplier to deliver additional fuel, you have;
No Power – Lost Revenue & Frustrated Customers!

Diesel and propane powered backup generators are an effective way of protecting your business against the devastating consequences of power disruptions.

We often take for granted that power will always be functioning, but there are cases where the power may be out for an indeterminate amount of time. In the business world, these outages can be not only inconvenient but extremely costly.

Valrico offers emergency fuel management solutions and has the technology that allows you to track progress from your desktop 24 hours/day.

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In the event of an emergency, backup power is a critical component in keeping your business operations running. Emergency Fueling is often managed in house or not at all. With Valrico on your side, emergency fueling is handled by a team of professional logistics coordinators so that you can focus on your business’s operations while we focus on keeping them up by providing a continual source of emergency fuel for your backup generators.



Different types of disasters bring different challenges. Having the right equipment to access your location is critical. Valrico has the necessary equipment to access any site. Valrico's specialized equipment includes snowplows, boats, airboats, high water vehicles, helicopters, etc. We provide the equipment and the skilled operators.


Backup generators and fueling tanks sometimes sit for months or even years without being used or even thought of. But when a disaster strikes–it is critical that they perform well. Not only is it critical to your business operations–but it may be critical to the livelihood of your company. OSHA, the NFPA, and many state and local governments have strict regulations regarding propane tanks. If these regulations aren’t followed and an accident such as a propane leak or explosion happens–you or your business may be held liable for any damages.


We offer commercial emergency and routine propane management services based on your individual business needs.
One call to Valrico and you can focus on operating your business while we focus on fueling and maintenance of your generators.



Valrico can quickly deploy portable, standby, and other emergency power assets to your sites as needed during power outages. We have the capability to dispatch multiple  mobile generators from staging yards and facilities via trucks, flatbeds, boats and even helicopters. Our staging facilities are equipped with fuel tanks and all other necessary equipment in order to ensure your emergency backup power is installed and fueled as needed. Once generators are deployed to your sites, they can be monitored, maintained, and repaired by Valrico technicians to ensure optimum up-time.


Having multiple locations during a disaster can have multiple challenges when trying to recover from a disaster. Businesses often overlook the importance of being able to have critical information at hand in order to carry out their Business Continuity Plan. The Valrico Recon team will go out to your site immediately following a disaster to determine damage and any access issues that require corrective action to restore power.

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Valrico has been providing fuel management and other disaster recovery services to businesses since 2004. We currently serve the telecommunications, data center, media, communications, medical, hospitality, manufacturing and retail industries. We provide specialized generator fueling that can restore and maintain power within your business during major disasters.

Our management team has over 20 years of experience in the logistics and fuel delivery industries. We have the resources and experience to provide a solution for any situation that may arise during a disaster.


2281 N Valrico Rd, Seffner, FL 33584, USA

(888) 305-1750

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““During Hurricane Matthew, our network had less impact and faster recovery time vs. the competition’s networks. We couldn’t have done this without Valrico and we won’t have another DR event without Valrico in-house managing our fuel.”

" Now that the activities here in NY/NJ are winding down I wanted to thank you for your support and assistance in our recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Your expertise in such operations was incredibly valuable and made my job much easier. You were clearly an integral part of our success in network restoral efforts, and for that I thank you!  "

" You all did a wonderful and professional job during Hurricane Isaac and 
I do appreciate the hard work and dedication of you and your team. "

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In addition to our emergency fuel services we also offer routine fueling to help you manage day to day fuel and asset maintenance needs anywhere your generators are located. 

Routine services include:

  •  Topping off tanks bi-annually

  •  Reporting status of generators

  •  Treatment of fuel dependent on environment and needs

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